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Clint Barton

Basic Information

Birthday:June 18, 1971
Hometown:Brooklyn, NY
Home Neighborhood:Bed-Stuy
Family Members:Brother - Barney Barton
Relationship Status:It's Complicated
Interested In:Men / Women.
Looking For:Friendship
Political Views:I get paid not to have them
Religious Views:not my bag

Personal Information

Activities:Archery, juggling, mixed martial arts, fencing, darts.
Interests:Archery, music, martial arts, superheroes.
Favorite Music:Classic rock, Pat Benetar
Favorite TV Shows:Dog Cops, Supernanny, Good Eats
Favorite Movies:Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, Spartacus, Topsy-Turvy
Favorite BooksGame of Thrones, Dune, Wicked, Lord of the Rings, Long Walk to Freedom, High Fidelity, Zen in the Art of Archery
Favorite Quotations:“This, then, is what counts: a lightning reaction which has no further need of conscious observation. In this respect at least the pupil makes himself independent of all conscious purpose.”
― Eugen Herrigel
About Me:Professional screw-up

Contact Information
IM Screen Name(s):cawcaw - AIM.
Mobile Phone:classified
Land Phone:
Address:Mansion 8
Neighborhood:Level 4

Education and Work

College/University:Hard Knocks
Concentration:dealing with shit
Second Concentration:survival
Third Concentration:concentration
Degree:BA in badassery
High School:Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders
Position:Field Operative
Description:wouldn't you like to know?
City/Town:New York.
Time Period:for a while now


Member Of:archers, circus freaks, unrecovering alcoholics, non-superheroes, my brother's an asshole.

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