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Full name: Clinton Francis Barton
Age: 42
Birthdate: January 7, 1971
Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180
Scars: several, mostly small, one or two quite scary looking
Piercings: he had his ears pierced at one point but not any more
Tattoos: nope
Other bodily markings: none
Build: stocky/muscular
Occupation: SHIELD agent/Avenger (assassin/sniper/marksman)
Drinking? yep. He knows he shouldn't, because of his dad, but he honestly thinks he couldn't survive without it
Smoking? nope
Other daily habits: COFFEE
Hair: dark blonde
Clothes: mostly he wears black, fairly casual, combat gear for work, jeans and t-shirts for his down time
Scent: he usually smells like sweat and/or soap, every once in a while he uses cologne, but usually just whatever someone has given him
Voice: deepish, a little gruff
Other notable physical details: almost always wears sunglasses outside
Spoken language(s): English
Canon powers: really incredible marksman, going of Ultimates canon, he can see the weak points in physical structures

Cup size/Penis size: average => large 7 inches erect
Size preference: none, really
Orientation: bisexual
Best sexual experience: oh, god...something with Natasha, after a mission
Worst sexual experience: with Duquesne, who was not exactly thoughtful
Top or bottom? switch
Favorite position? cowboy, but really any way he can see his partner's face
Underwear: boxer briefs
Number one fantasy: ...Phil Coulson, on top of his desk, without wrinkling the suit
Sensitive areas: neck, behind his ears, hips, nipples
No-no places/triggers: he does not like to be blindfolded or put in a position where he can't see what his partner is doing
Favorite place to have sex: on a mission somewhere with mirrors
Something they want to try but haven't before: Phil Coulson Phil and Nat at the same time sneaking in to Fury's office to have sex
Favorite kinks/sex acts: he's very much a voyeur, but he also likes phone sex, he's big on semi-public sex and anything where he has to make himself keep quiet
Sleep naked or in pajamas? boxers
Special talents: he's very good with his hands, and he loves oral sex (giving and receiving)
Masturbation: daily
Toys? big fan
Turn-ons: intelligence and anyone who doesn't underestimate him
What was their first time like? not great, it was with someone he met through the circus, and they were not terribly considerate
After-sex habits: he has a tendency to just watch his partner for a while, but he's been told this is creepy, so he tries not to
Anything else?

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