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Clint was not very good at presents most of the time. He was good at trinkets or silly things he found on a mission that reminded him of someone, but he was not good at pre-meditated, thoughtful gifts. He really wanted to do Phil's birthday properly, but he always worried that he wasn't going to be able to make that happen.

This year, though, he had a great idea. If he could make it happen.

He was waiting for Bucky outside the range, figuring he could catch him alone there.
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Clint was not one to frequent comic shops. In fact, he usually stayed as far away from them as possible--not because, like the other Avengers, he was afraid he might be recognized, but because he was pretty certain he wouldn't be, and that got a little old after a while.

But Coulson had been moping because he couldn't get in to get his Captain America comics for a couple months, and Clint didn't like to see Coulson moping, so he decided to stop by and pick them up for the agent. He'd probably just drop them on his desk when Coulson wasn't around, but at least he knew it would make the man smile.


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